World Engineering Day

World Engineering Day

Happy World Engineering Day! Last year, this UNESCO international celebration of engineers and engineering saw March 4th become the annual day for sustainable development. Aimed at local authorities, public and private sectors, schools, universities, organisations and citizens, the day exists to not only showcase the sustainable engineering achievements but also to act as a call for action. More than 40 nations have backed this day in solidarity to show how engineering can change the world for the better.

This day also recognises the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the integral role engineers have to play. These goals revolve around innovations and technologies which resist climate change and develop economic growth. By engineering projects that encourage prosperity, more disadvantaged demographics will have equal opportunity and access to the industry.

We’re proud to celebrate this day and focus on the changes we and others are implementing that are greener, safer and more sustainable. For our own part, we have recently been working with Medway Council on Hoo Peninsula which seeks to alleviate traffic, improve flood and water management and better the landscape as well as encourage sustainable transport. Likewise, in Liverpool we have been working on cycle routes to encourage residents and business to reprioritise healthier transport options while North Acton Station sees a petrol station converted into a new public square as part of Ealing Council’s work to create new green spaces.

We’re continuously thrilled to see the projects our colleagues and peers accomplish that push the boundaries of modern practices, all to help create areas that are sustainable.

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