World Car Free Day

World Car Free Day

This Sunday, across the world people are giving up their cars for a day to encourage communities to rethink their journeys to close destinations by walking, cycling and using public transport. Not only is this a greener alternative that improves air quality and fitness, but studies have shown that short trips in urban areas can be far quicker when cycling instead of driving. The main idea is to demonstrate a local reduction of cars to motorists and commuters as an example of the benefits of change.

To this end, there are international events being held in the name of World Car Free Day such as TfL’s Reimagine event which celebrates the auspicious day by closing more than 20 kilometres of roads for the festivities.

Project Centre’s own contributions come from our work such as the prolific Liveable Neighbourhood schemes we’re involved in. We work closely with several boroughs across London to deliver this programme which supports the aims of the Mayor’s transport strategy which include reducing car trips and improving neighbourhoods for walking, cycling and public transport. Moreover, we have always had a keen interest in supporting and developing greener and safer spaces, as seen by our previous projects, such as the Mini-Holland scheme which resulted with children in Waltham Forest having a six week predicted increase to life expectancy as a direct result of the cycling approach delivered.

We also encourage our staff to use more sustainable travel by offering bike benefits and offering season pass loans to promote public transport use.

We are in deep support of this worldwide event and hope that it can inspire greater and greener change in the near future.