We’ve been shortlisted for two NCE100 awards.

We’ve been shortlisted for two NCE100 awards.

We are very pleased to announce that we have been shortlisted for two awards at the NCE100 (New Civil Engineer) awards 2018.

We have been recognised in the categories of Theme One: Tech Excellence ‘Innovation in Project Initiation’ and Theme Two: Business Culture ‘Diversity Champion’. Both awards will see us up against seven other companies to see who will be chosen as the winner.

Innovation and diversity are two areas we are extremely passionate about and are proud to champion these qualities wherever we can in our work and ethics so it is great to be recognised in these key industry awards.

The next stage of the awards will see two members of our team present to the NCE100 judging panel in April to evidence how we fulfil the criteria for these awards. We look forward to attending the ceremony on 23 May and seeing all the other finalists!