Traffic Order Services for RB Kensington and Chelsea

Traffic Order Services for RB Kensington and Chelsea

Project Centre has provided a traffic order service to the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC) for over ten years. This was originally on the basis of providing ad-hoc support for the provision of draft orders and notices up until 2003.


Since 2003, we have provided a full traffic order service for RBKC. We draft all on-street and off-street traffic orders and their associated notices and documents from start to finish. This includes placing adverts in local papers and the London Gazette and putting up street notices.


We have also drafted a number of temporary traffic orders when their in-house temporary orders team have needed help.


Schemes that we regularly provide legal orders and the associated notices/documents include:

  • Traffic calming, safety schemes and 20 mph zones
  • Bus priority schemes
  • Increases and variations of parking charges
  • Amendments to controlled parking zones
  • Stopping-up of highways
  • ‘Gating’ schemes
  • Consolidations, including abolition of ‘loading gaps’
  • Experimental schemes