Tetcott Road

Tetcott Road

Project Centre was asked to transform Tetcott Road into a modern civic space to compliment the new Chelsea Academy which opened in September 2010.


RBKC also appointed Project Centre to design new lighting for the space and draft traffic orders to introduce a restricted parking zone.


We worked closely with RBKC’s engineers to create a high quality single surface streetscape where pedestrians have greater freedom of movement and better access to adjoining businesses.


The design team used a palette of natural stone paving materials, complementary street furniture, and tree planting to direct and calm traffic.


Our lighting design further enhances the street and saves energy by using extremely efficient ceramic metal halide lamps that can be dimmed when less light is needed between midnight and 6 am. Our new energy efficient lighting design has effectively halved the street’s carbon footprint.


After an effective consultation, the new design takes account local businesses’ parking and loading needs, emergency services access and the need for deliveries and minibuses using the academy’s entrance on Tetcott Road.


Project Centre’s parking team drafted traffic orders to introduce a restricted zone which both manages parking and loading and reduces street clutter.


We were involved from inception to completion and the new streetscape, lighting improvements and traffic orders were introduced on time and within budget.


The new design has been very well received. It has created an attractive civic space that provides a safe, well lit environment for pedestrians and successfully addresses the needs of all road users.