Soledad is attending Copenhagen Urban Lab 2018

Soledad is attending Copenhagen Urban Lab 2018

Over the next ten days Soledad Berbel-Roman, our Flood Engineer, is one of eight young professionals from across the world attending the Copenhagen Urban Lab 2018.

Soledad will be working with experts from other disciplines such as urban planning, education and awareness, water, architecture, socio-economy and process and institutional design, to create solutions that will provide protection against storm surges for Amager Strand, a coastal area in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Lab will focus on innovative short-term initiatives to prevent damages during smaller surges up to 2.2 metres, and long-term solutions which will provide protection against higher surges as part of Copenhagen’s Storm Surge Plan 2017.

The team have a packed itinerary including a range of lectures, tours and discussions before designing the preventative measures and presenting them to the group, Ramboll stakeholders and city representatives.


Copenhagen Urban Lab 2018 programme.