Transport Planning


We have an excellent track record of providing public and private sector clients with transport planning expertise to address their challenges in managing and improving transport networks. We can take projects from conception through to completion, and utilise our breadth of services to strengthen project teams with complementary disciplines such as drainage and lighting design.


Our experience covers the wide spectrum of transport planning projects from developing policy, behavioural analysis, modelling and economic appraisal, to cutting-edge research into new technologies and sustainable travel solutions.


We provide expert advice throughout all stages of the development planning process, from initial feasibility studies to successfully securing planning permission, the discharge of planning conditions and detailed highway design.


We can undertake construction logistics management and coordination reviews for large regeneration and growth areas and advise on using the development process to fund and manage this approach.


Our directors have acted as expert witnesses and advisors on a wide variety of transport and development projects. These include Examinations in Public, planning appeals, parliamentary processes, and Development Consent Orders.


We have an excellent track record of expert witness appearances on behalf of public and private sector clients.


We advise local authorities when developing their various transport strategies and policies including local transport plans and implementation plans. We draft and consult on sustainable plans for our clients both in and out of London and develop annual capital and revenue programs of work alongside successfully bidding for funding from central government.


In late 2017, our multi-discipline teams secured over £12m from the Mayor of London’s new Liveable Neighbourhoods programme for two of our London borough clients.


We can undertake a wide range of transport studies to provide an evidence base for transport policy and strategy review, strategic transport decisions and investment appraisal.


We provide a complete feasibility study service to allow our local authority clients to understand the revenue potential in implementing a workplace parking levy. We are mindful of the political sensitivities around a charging regime and can design a study to suit the particular needs of a client, including the following:


  • Funding gap analysis
  • Desktop study
  • Business engagement
  • Parking surveys
  • Income modelling
  • Impact assessment


We are working with a number of local authorities in London and across the UK, and with our links with NSL can provide an end to end service including the design, implementation, management and enforcement of a workplace parking levy scheme.


Linked is the technical paper presented to TPM in 2018 on the London Borough of Hounslow feasibility study.


We have undertaken a wide range of studies on electric vehicles and car clubs on behalf of our public-sector clients. We provide expertise to identify the spatial distribution and forecast growth across an area, appraise charging options and develop a deployment strategy.


We provide further advice on the operational and commercial feasibility of charging infrastructure options and provide solutions for both on and off-street charging.


We provided technical planning and design expertise to TfL on the original cycle hire scheme in London back in 2007 and are now working with our public-sector clients and dockless cycle hire providers in the roll out of new forms of this shared ownership transport model.


Our teams work closely with developers and local authorities to design new junctions, roundabouts and link roads as well as improve safety and increase the capacity of existing infrastructure.


We help clients link new housing, retail and mixed use developments to the road network using the latest software tools to provide cost-effective and practical designs.


Our team can help at every stage of junction and link road design, including pedestrian and cycling enhancements if required.


Our planners and engineers can prepare horizontal and vertical alignments to DMRB standards and produce full construction drawings and bills of quantities for traffic signal equipment, controller specifications and ducting requirements. We also co-ordinate statutory works as well as CDM and risk assessment procedures.


DesignWorks is our dedicated design studio. The team covers all elements of the initial design process from feasibility and concept designs, masterplanning and funding submissions through to detailed design stages. DesignWorks has the skills and creativity to create exceptional spaces however big or small.


In addition, all the designs are grounded in reality and deliverability; the DesignWorks team works collaboratively with the other teams within Project Centre, ensuring that even at concept stage the ideas which are produced are beautiful and deliverable, ensuring the design works.


We provide a range of travel planning services to our public-sector clients assisting them with the preparation, implementation and monitoring of their own travel plans and those for their schools and workplaces.


We write draft travel plans for developers to support their planning applications, and to discharge planning conditions, in line with local and national guidelines alongside developing practical infrastructure and sustainable solutions.


We have proven expertise in providing expert advice in the planning and management of local bus services across the UK. We provide our public-sector clients advice on strategic policy, demand forecasting, service planning and coordination, business case analysis, network connectivity, interchange design, route selection, network optimisation and travel planning.


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Technical Director Transportation


Project Centre has helped introduce over
a quarter of the car club parking bays in the UK.
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