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“Informal, friendly, informative, effective… Tailor made session for our group, excellent!”

Lewisham Cyclists, Lewisham Cycling Strategy workshop with Lewisham Council, May 2017


Now more than ever communities are playing a key part in the design and delivery of council projects and services. To ensure a project is successful councils want to understand the needs of the public and there is no better way to do this than by simply asking them.


Engaging residents and local community groups early can help shape a project, is more meaningful to those involved and means the project is more likely to have a positive impact.


As part of Project Centre’s integrated approach we run effective engagement projects for our clients, such as consultations, stakeholder meetings, public events and workshops, to ensure that the community and key stakeholders are involved in the designs and solutions we create.


Engagement must be two-way; listening is just as important as communicating. We’re here to help you engage with your audience across all service areas from traffic engineering to parking controls and design to transport planning, in fact we can put our hand to any consultation required.


We have our own in-house team who devise and implement consultation and communication strategies, working alongside clients to finalise objectives, messages and agree the approach. We can offer a range of support from advising on a client’s approach to managing the whole process including the planning, delivery and communication of the consultation.


We can help you identify and build relationships with your key stakeholders, from the decision makers to those who may be affected by a decision. Our team has the experience and knowledge to engage with a variety of people and we offer a tailored approach for every consultation.


We have developed our own consultation portal, PCL Consult, which provides a bespoke, fit for purpose website for our clients. The site has recently been redesigned making it easier for users to access information and provide feedback as well as cater for the growing number of councils utilising it. All comments and data are stored securely and collated for the client at the end of the consultation, a report detailing the findings can also be produced.


Nichola Mansfield


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Engagement Consultant


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