Project Centre’s Leadership Mentoring Initiative

Project Centre’s Leadership Mentoring Initiative

Today is National Mentoring Day, a celebration of those who have taken up the role of mentor and have guided their wards to new heights. This event was created to appreciate and recognise the importance of mentoring in all its forms. This is the sixth annual Mentoring Day and we have celebrated it all the way. The theme for today is “Mentoring Rocks,” which focuses on sharing experiences and paying tribute to mentoring received or given.

In addition to the mentoring programme we launched last year, we are delighted to announce our new Leadership Mentoring Initiative (LMI)! The LMI has matched two individuals with a Director, a total of 18 people across the business, to support development of leadership skills and offer impartial advice, support and guidance in respect of individual career progression. While the mentoring scheme is focused on technical mentorship and development, LMI is dedicated to leadership development.

Our Senior Management Team is passionate about developing and retaining staff and growing our own talent within Project Centre. Leaders who have become mentors include Managing Director Keith Hanshaw, our new Deputy Managing Director Ken Simmonds, Regional Director Paul Chandler and many more.

We are incredibly happy to have implemented this initiative as it will give a chance for the highest levels of Project Centre to nurture and guide up and coming employees who will benefit from the wealth of experience at hand.

As the nation celebrates, we would like to thank our devoted mentors and their continual guidance, especially during such turbulent times where their roles are at their most crucial. We wish the new mentees well and can’t wait to see their rise.