Project Centre chair Placemaking Series webinar

Project Centre chair Placemaking Series webinar

On Thursday 17 June (also Clean Air Day) we will be hosting a webinar with several prominent members of the industry as part of The Placemaking Series with Landor.

The webinar will focus on how placemaking has become a critical approach to town and city centre regeneration. The event will explore ways of creating places with a sense of identity which energise the community and will also look at how placemaking can help create more inclusive and healthier urban environments.

Chaired by our own Associate Director Bharati Ghodke, the speakers include Dartford Borough Council’s Programme Director Keith Longley, Co-founder of Place Bureau Rosanna Vitiello, Urban and Collaborative Designer Marcus Willcocks of Sustrans and our Technical Director for Urban Design and Landscape Architecture Joao Toscano.

Keith will be speaking on the Dartford Town Centre Regeneration project and how to improve economic performance through the delivery of high-quality public realm and environmental enhancement schemes. This includes how he facilitated better accessibility and movement, and positively supported the broader regeneration and redevelopment of the town.

Marcus and Rosana’s talk focuses on how placemaking practices establish a ‘call and response’ that is both listening to the city and encouraging greater opportunities for local people to speak back and express identity. They will cover how diverse and active voices in placemaking can become long-term norms rather than sporadic opportunities and delve into how the world, emerging after the pandemic, could encourage us to rewrite our relationships with our local neighbourhoods and town centres as markers of collective identity, to shape more responsive streets and public spaces.

Joao will be talking about ‘Making Connections, Unlocking Potential’ and where the approach of placemaking and the positive dialogue between people, place and use have created spaces that better serve and energize the community. Joao will also discuss the importance of the town centre and public space experience in the era of smart technology.

We’re very excited to be sponsoring this interesting webinar and hope you can attend! Register for your place at the webinar here: