Project Centre at Tower Hamlets Green Week

Project Centre at Tower Hamlets Green Week

Last week, Tower Hamlets held a Green Week to not only provide forum to enhance attendee’s knowledge of recycling, climate change and pollution, but also to give young students a voice to allow the generation most affected by current crises to get involved in the prevention effort.

The Weeklong event focused on how to be green with small changes people can make day to day that all contribute to more sustainable lifestyles. These include switching to bamboo toothbrushes, cycling, creating homemade tote bags out of old t-shirts and much more. The stalls there provided entertaining workshops that taught these quick skills as well as educational resources to create better awareness of current issues.

The closing event was a market where many businesses and stakeholders could showcase their own innovations towards greener practices as well as interactive elements to generate interest. We were delighted to have our own stall where we where detailing our own efforts with our projects to be as sustainable as possible, from our Workplace Parking Levies to the Liveable Neighbourhood schemes we’re leading on. We’ve also pledged to Net Zero carbon emissions by 2030!

Our stall included a black and white street illustration where children could colour in the image and make their very own liveable street. We also had a liveable street image where adults could highlight the elements, such as bike storage or planting that they would like to see more of.

We were lucky enough to also see the presentations from other stall holders about what they do and how they help contribute to a greener Tower Hamlets. Their workshops included a plant-based cookery school from Hackney with vegan pita pizza recipes, leftover meal cookbooks and the best ways to upcycle by reusing existing material. Lastly, there was a pledge tree where people could write their promises to contribute to the climate crisis relief effort on stylised leaves. By the end of the week, the design of a barren tree was blooming with hundreds of written promises. We were thrilled to attend an event so close to our core values and hope to see real change as a result.