Meet the Team – Flood and Water Management

Meet the Team – Flood and Water Management

Get to know us:

We are passionate about solutions which deliver multiple benefits for people, nature and the built environment. We work with public and private sector clients, supporting their needs through the assessment and design of flood alleviation, drainage and green infrastructure schemes, as well as the planning process and public consultation.


What we do:


Local Planning Authorities require Flood Risk Assessments (FRAs) and Drainage Strategies to accompany applications for development across the UK. We can assist you with preparing FRAs and Drainage Strategies to support planning applications, saving you time and money during the planning process.

We also provide Development Control services for a number of Lead Local Flood Authorities, giving us an unrivalled understanding of Local Planning Authorities’ requirements when it comes to flood risk and surface water drainage.



We conduct feasibility studies and design for flood risk management schemes, using industry standard hydraulic modelling to evaluate the impact of proposed interventions and identify areas at risk of flooding.

We developed the Pastures Way Flood Alleviation Scheme for Luton Borough Council which protects local properties from surface water flooding through the installation of a rain garden to convey flood water. Treatment of the water is provided in a wetland system before discharging into a local stream. Project Centre conducted feasibility, hydraulic modelling and detailed design for the scheme, as well as public consultation and securing funding from the Environment Agency. Find out more here:



Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) offer an alternative to hard engineered infrastructure by temporarily storing rainwater during storms, instead of flushing it down the sewer. As well as reducing flood risk, SuDS features like living roofs, rain gardens and swales also enhance places for people and wildlife. With SuDS typically required by national and local planning policy, more schemes are expected across the UK.

We can help you select and design the most appropriate SuDS measures for new developments and retrofitting existing sites, helping to manage surface water in a more environmentally sensitive and cost-effective way.