Macmillan Star Baker Amy Attewell

Macmillan Star Baker Amy Attewell

Earlier today, we hosted a Macmillan Coffee Morning, the charity’s largest fundraising event of the year.

Originally, back in 1990, the Coffee Morning was simply that; a hot drink at the beginning of the day among friends, the cost of which was donated. It was such a hit, Macmillan decided to host another one the year after. Then the year after that. So began the snowballing rise to the popularity we see today. From small beginnings, it has now bloomed into a nationwide event, with over two hundred million pounds collectively raised to combat cancer.

Here at Project Centre, we were not starved for choice. A fantastic number of bakers signed up, and even more were eager to taste the wide array of home cooked goods, so we were delighted to do our best for Macmillan.
With an extensive turn out, from nutella icing chocolate fudge cake to a Colombian chocoflan to parmesan and crushed chili biscuits, there were many contenders for the title of star baker. However, there can only be one, and so we were proud to award Amy Attewell of the Finance team the prestigious title.

She baked an exquisite chocolate avocado cake, complete with butter icing and fresh raspberry filling. A vegan delicacy, the avocado is mixed with sugar to replace the eggs typically used, alongside dairy free butter and soya milk.

A huge thanks to everyone who took part, both here and across the country. We hope next year to be as spectacular as it was today.