Levelling Up Fund: Webinar

Levelling Up Fund: Webinar

Unsure about what the Levelling Up Fund means? The below link will take you to a webinar, hosted by Mutual Ventures, Cadence Innova and Project Centre, that runs through Levelling Up, the elements of a strong bid, key steps and potential projects.

In short, the Levelling Up Fund acts as a means to provide equal opportunities across authorities. As the likely driving force for the Government’s domestic agenda, the £4bn total fund is centred around supporting towns, cities and entire regions and communities with infrastructure projects. The fund will be managed by the Treasury, the Department for Transport and the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government so that full coverage of expertise is met.

Our Associate Director Bharati Ghodke co-hosted the webinar and went through some of the regeneration projects we have delivered to give examples of the kind of schemes the Levelling Up Fund should be used for. Bharati took us through the transformation of Strood Town Centre, where we delivered a safer and more accessible public space, reducing congestion of Stoneferry Road in Hull and the delivery of the Mini-Holland Program in Waltham Forest to improve and promote cycling in the area.

Also on this expert panel was Andrew Laird, Managing Director at Mutual Ventures and Jane Barrett, Co-Founder of Cadence Innova who provided their insights into the Fund and their prediction for the execution of the scheme itself.

We are very excited to be part of a delivery partnership with Mutual Ventures and Cadence Innova to support local authorities’ and other public organisation’s regeneration projects. To find out more about the fund, watch the webinar here.