Hoe Street

Hoe Street

Waltham Forest commissioned Project Centre to undertake a corridor study of Hoe Street. Linking the north and south of Walthamstow town centre, the street provides plenty of retail units, places of worship and dwellings.


The key objectives were to create an effective, efficient and integrated transport system that supports the wider economic social and environmental objectives set as part of the Mayor for London’s Transport Strategy.


The key issues were identified as:

  • The dominance of road traffic
  • A high percentage of vulnerable road users involved in accidents
  • Pedestrian activity is greater on one side of the road
  • Insufficient width of cycle lanes. Single yellow waiting restrictions reducing the effectiveness of the cycle lanes
  • Limited parking provision provided on Hoe Street
  • Servicing – No dedicated loading bays provided, controlled via a single yellow waiting restriction providing loading opportunities.


Following the findings of the study, a series of measures were proposed to address the issues identified:

  • A new zebra crossing
  • Raised platforms to reduce vehicle speeds
  • Side-road entry treatments at most junctions. This will provide a level crossing point for pedestrians, and slow down the speed of vehicles turning into and out of the side roads
  • Narrowing the road will reduce traffic speed, and reduce the distance people have to cross
  • Loading bays within the footways, to improve access for deliveries and reduce traffic congestion

Project Centre provided detailed drawings of said measures allowing the client to complete the project with it’s in house highways team.


Project Centre delivered this project on time and within budget.