Hammersmith Grove – Zero Emissions Zone

Hammersmith Grove – Zero Emissions Zone

Funded by the Office of Low Emission Vehicles, Hammersmith Grove was a ground breaking project that acted as a response to the single minded goal of making the surrounding area the greenest borough in the country. The scheme explored the possibility of ‘light touch’ streetscapes being introduced to transform the character and use of the town centre’s urban space. To this end, parklets were introduced at frequent intervals to a relatively small area, which maximized the sense of an overnight transformation in such a substantial central location. In addition, the project also included new EV charging points and kerb alignment changes which help endorse a sustainable and safe environment.

We provided a wide range of services including but not limited to: project management, public realm design, transport design and highways engineering. These were crucial for the successful delivery of this complex and aspirational scheme.

It was a complex prospect as we were faced with the following objectives:
• Limit access to the section of Hammersmith Grove to zero emission capable vehicles only.
• Provide suitable infrastructure that supports a range of electric vehicles including private, car share, taxis and buses.
• Address the serious use of air quality and pollutant levels by creating a more sustainable and cleaner Hammersmith.
• Set the president for enforcing access based on emissions, improving localized emissions and designing a street that can act as a template UK wide.
• Create a new public space by extending Lyric Square northwards.

The concluding idea, to successfully achieve all these aspects, was the instillation you see today. Inspired by the concept of origami, we proposed an area complete with planting areas, spaces to relax and aesthetically pleasing designs. As such, it provides better facilities for cyclists, and makes it more pleasant to be out on foot in the town centers. Through this the parklets are helping to improve air quality. It also supports part of a borough-wide plan to support and encourage biodiversity as increased flora can help with air quality.

It was interesting to consider all the moving parts of this project. It was essential that we build a comprehensive understanding of Hammersmith and its grove area so that this ambitious project was well informed and placed with care. As such, we honed our critical thinking skills to astutely comprehend all facets of the project and deliver it to our best ability. Since it’s completion, beyond the positive feedback from Hammersmith residents, we have observed a marked increase in utilization of the area by pedestrians and cyclists alike. It is now a vibrant area that is consistently filled with citizens enjoying themselves, alone or with company, in this wonderful addition to the soon to be greenest borough.