Ealing Town Centre – Bond Street

Ealing Town Centre – Bond Street

Project Centre teamed up with Murrill Construction to provide a high quality streetscape for Ealing shoppers. Bond Street is the first phase of the Ealing town Centre improvements where the use of high quality paving materials with the attention to detail is providing an enhanced shopping experience.


Widening footways and using a palette of specially selected quality materials as well as matching in skylight treatments has created a more an open feel.


The street users experience has been enhanced by incorporating such features as:

  • Pedestrian crossing buildouts
  • Cycle stands
  • Street trees in high quality planters
  • On street controlled parking
  • High quality fine picked granite kerbing
  • Renewed road surface
  • Level surface pedestrian crossings


Working closely with Murrill construction (Ealing’s term contractor) and Ealing Council enabled the scheme to progress rapidly from the drawing board to implementation.
Last minute enhancements resulting from stake holder consultation were easily and economically incorporated into the final scheme. Our designers worked closely with the contractor to keep the works on programme.


Our parking team were on hand to make all the necessary parking orders with our designers coordinating closely with them so last minute amendment were picked up and the correct orders made.


Our design engineers achieved their aim to provide the right amount of detailed information to enable our construction partner to order and place the correct materials in the desired place resulting in an street we are all proud of.


We drew on our in house Public Realm, Landscape Architects, Highway Engineers, Lighting, Lining, sign order makers experts tighter with our dedicated project managers / Engineers to deliver this high quality streetscape with an enhanced sense of place for the local community to enjoy.