CASE STUDY – Marian Court, London Borough of Hackney

CASE STUDY – Marian Court, London Borough of Hackney

Working in partnership with the London Borough of Hackney to deliver 160 new residential units with 850 sqm of B1 and A1-3 commercial space at ground level.
We were involved from RIBA stage 2 to 3a advising on the highway and policy considerations at all levels to help shape the development proposals in terms of density, car and cycle parking provision based on public transport accessibility, local factors and the development of new highway links.

We dealt not only with highways officers from LB Hackney but also Transport for London (TfL) as the site is on the strategic road network within a busy city location and TfL are highway authority.

We worked closely with the design team, leading the negotiations with TfL and the Council, developing new pedestrian and vehicle links, and devising the servicing strategy to ensure the success of commercial and residential operations without compromising the operation of the strategic highway network.

To maximise developable land we undertook complex demand forecasting exercises to agree a provision that worked for the applicant and was agreed with the highway authority, to ensure a successful and vibrant economic activity on the site and adjacent Ealing Broadway. We designed a new road link and two highway junctions as well as the stopping up of the existing access points.
Our design assessment and advice was crucial in shaping key aspects of the proposals in areas such as car and cycle parking which in turn inform the viability of the site.

Throughout the process we engaged with the design team and client to inform the design development, taking an active part in consultation with statutory consultees and large public consultation events. We prepared the supporting planning documents for each site, including Transport Assessments, Travel Plans and Waste Management Strategies.

Key Facts:
▪ Mixed use residential and commercial
▪ Lead negotiations with LB Hackney, GLA and TfL
▪ Busy city location with sensitive highway network
▪ New roads, stopping up and road diversions
▪ Developed waste management strategy