Project Centre is proud to be an equal opportunities employer and we are committed to recruiting, promoting and maintaining a diverse workforce. We have a comprehensive suite of policies including a Equality and Diversity Policy, Equal Opportunities Policy and Recruitment and a Selection and Retention Policy.



Project Centre committed to treating all job applicants and employees fairly and equally regardless of their race, religion or belief, gender, sexuality, age or disability. Furthermore, the company believes that it is crucially important to value and respect all employees as individuals and concentrate on personality and individual strengths in order to gain from a diverse workforce.



The company is committed to complying with all the legislative provisions of the Race Relations Act (1976), Sex Discrimination Act (1975), Equal Pay Act (1970), Disability Discrimination Act (1995), Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) Regulations (2003), Employment Equality (Religion and Belief) Regulations (2003), Age Discrimination Act (2006), and any other code of practice issued pursuant to those statutes.



We provide regular equalities training for all staff with specialist courses for those with management responsibilities.


Understanding that our design and advice has an impact on the communities you serve we carry our equalities impact assessments for our schemes, ensuring that in design we also promote equality of opportunity and
access for all.

women in engineering
Project Centre celebrates International Women in Engineering Day 2017
International Women in Engineering Day takes place annually on 23 June. This day celebrates
the achievements of women in engineering as well as encourages future female talent...
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