Wandle Trail Signing

Wandle Trail Signing

Working over several years with both RBKC and Chelsea Academy Project Centre have assisted the school from preparation of a planning application to implementation of a School Travel Plan for both the temporary and permanent school sites.


Originally commissioned by RBKC for preparing a Transport Assessment for the temporary accommodation this project evolved and included several other elements including preparation of the School Travel Plan and implementation of the Travel Plan which involved preparing travel packs for pupils, staff and parents, the project also required graphic design elements in preparing travel maps for the school.


The Transport Assessment for the school looked at the proposed site for the temporary accommodation on Hortensia Road which was constructed in 2009. The Transport Assessment included establishing the travel demand generated by the school and the safety of the surrounding area. Subsequent to receiving planning permission for the temporary accommodation Project Centre we re-commissioned by RBKC to develop the Schools Travel Plan which was prepared to assist with developing sustainable transport solutions and in particular to promote walking and cycling to the school.


The successful development of the School Travel Plan lead to the Chelsea Academy requesting that Project Centre design and prepare travel packs and maps to promote sustainable school travel. These packs were innovative and bespoke to the school; packs were prepared informing both children and adults of the travel alternatives. To assist further graphical maps were also designed to inform the children of suitable walking and cycling routes and public transport facilities within the surrounding area. The maps were used in welcome packs given out to pupils and parents and also posted on information boards within the school.


The maps presented travel information tailored to the target audience in a new style which greatly impressed both Chelsea Academy and RBKC: “The creative ideas for the pupil and parent maps were excellent; they make travel information very accessible” (RBKC Travel Plan Coordinator). The success of the maps in the first year of the Chelsea Academy led to Project Centre being commissioned to prepare a second set of maps for the permanent school site on Lots Road which was constructed in 2010.