Volunteering at the St George the Martyr Church food bank

Food Deliveries

Volunteering at the St George the Martyr Church food bank

These past few weeks have changed how we all work. Here at Project Centre, like many other organisations, we have staff that have been furloughed with support from our central government.

Read more about one of our Graduates, Olivia Reed, and her experience supporting food deliveries to vulnerable residents.

“Since my furlough started, I have been volunteering three days a week at St George the Martyr Church on Borough High Street where they run a food bank/kitchen. Since the lockdown started, they are unable to run the food bank without volunteers to actually deliver the food to people, so requested volunteers to deliver food around Southwark to vulnerable adults and those in need.

As the only volunteer with a car I’ve been asked to drive around London picking up hundreds of cooked meals that restaurants have kindly donated (having had some considerable trouble getting them into my tiny little car).

I also make up food boxes at the church for usually three or four different households, squeeze them in the car and deliver them. Recipients get one box a week with all sorts of surplus food donated from Borough Market, yesterday’s fresh produce from a Waitrose and the cooked donated meals from restaurants. It has been both heart-warming and sad at the same time – I have got lost a lot on my way to people’s houses, had to carry enormous boxes of heavy food up four flights of stairs on my own, and even delivered one man 20 beef flavoured pot noodles because he said, and I quote, “that’s all I eat”.

It’s been great meeting other volunteers at the church, and the lovely people in the community, and I look forward to carrying on volunteering with the food bank in the future too, when things go back to normal.”