Soledad Berbel-Roman’s contributions to climate change flood risk solutions published

Soledad Berbel-Roman’s contributions to climate change flood risk solutions published

We are thrilled to announce that our Flood Engineer, Soledad Berbel-Roman, has had her valuable inputs published in the executive summary on flood risk by Copenhagen Urban Lab. Earlier last year, Soledad and seven other international young professionals came together from various disciplines to discuss solutions to the rising risk of flooding due to climate change.  Sponsored and organised by organisations such as Young Water Professionals, Water in Cities, Ramboll and the City of Copenhagen, this diverse team tackled the challenge of storm surge protection in the nearby Amager Strand by the coast.

Denmark and its capital, Copenhagen, are at the forefront of urban water management. For example, in 2020 the city will host the IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition, centred around smart liveable cities and their relationship with water. The Copenhagen Urban Lab has strong ties to the Danish water sector which features strong interdepartmental partnerships and schemes. Within this hub of water management, Soledad discussed the interface between flood risk and urban liveability.

It was swiftly made apparent that a methodology that incorporates technical, social and economical interests in regard to coastal solutions did not exist. It is common for many aspects to be ignored in more typical planning processes relating to coastal areas. To rectify this, the team designed the Copenhagen Lens, a visual utility that can be applied at the planning stage to lead discussion towards local context, physical or non-physical solutions and a comparison between the definitions of different coastal protection methods.

By using the Copenhagen Lens, one can map the development between past and future values relating to coastal regions. Therefore, coastal adaptation plans to combat flood risks are informed by a range of different factors creating a comprehensive strategy. The team used their lens and the numerous presentations from professional experts in Denmark to comprehensively record their ideas and findings in the executive summary recently published.

We are very proud of Soledad for this wonderful opportunity and hope she finds herself back in Copenhagen soon, tackling the prevalent issues and risks of the water sector.

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