Traffic Engineering


We are experts in the design of cycle routes, cycle hire and pedestrian improvement schemes. We are known for our ability to prepare successful funding bids and area-wide cycling strategies. We are known for our innovative designs and can take projects from concept to construction.
Cycle super highway route design


• Local cycle routes and Quietways
• Area-wide cycling strategies
• Walking studies
• Cycle hire schemes


Our track record includes successful design and delivery of cycle schemes under the mini-Holland programme in Waltham Forest as well as the Central Grid programme in Islington and Kensington & Chelsea.


Road safety is paramount in all of our designs so we have an experienced and fully qualified in-house road safety team that undertake accident investigation and prevention (AIP) studies and over 100 road safety audits a year for local and regional government as well as private sector clients.


Project Centre’s rigorous road safety skills have been used to assess existing risk as well as to ensure that any proposed changes to a street will not adversely affect road safety and will minimise accidents and casualties for all road users.


We help clients plan and introduce area wide schemes such as new borough-wide 20 mph zones and motorcycle safety schemes or can help with individual safety assessments for access roads, new junctions and pedestrian crossings. We have undertaken safety schemes in urban and rural locations and have been asked to examine the safety of children on the school run, cyclists in London and pedestrians in busy town centres.


Our track record includes successful design and delivery of cycle schemes under the mini-Holland programme in Waltham Forest as well as the Central Grid programme in Islington and Kensington & Chelsea.


Project Centre was appointed to investigate, design and promote London’s first borough wide 20mph speed limit in the London Borough of Islington in order to reduce the risk of collisions. The limit applies to all residential borough roads that are not already situated within a 20mph zone, and excludes roads located on the Transport for London Road Network (TLRN), Strategic Road Network (SRN) and principal roads.


We have since worked on numerous other 20 MPH schemes including Tower Hamlets, Lewisham, Waltham Forest and Hammersmith & Fulham.


Project Centre’s traffic engineering team work closely with developers and local authorities to design new junctions, roundabouts and link roads as well as improve safety and increase the capacity of existing infrastructure. We help clients link new housing retail and mixed use developments to the road network using the latest software tools to provide cost-effective and practical designs. We also help local authorities increase junction and roundabout capacity to reduce delays.


Our traffic engineering team can help at every stage of junction and link road design. For new junctions we can provide a full analysis with traffic modelling to determine most suitable junction layout. We arrange and manage surveys and liaise with stakeholders and include pedestrian and cycling enhancements if required. Our engineers can prepare horizontal and vertical alignments to DMRB standards, drainage and outfall designs to produce full construction drawings and bills of quantities. We also co-ordinate statutory works as well as CDM and risk assessment procedures.


In short, we provide a comprehensive professional service that encompasses the full lifecycle of junction, roundabout and link design.


Signalised junctions are the most common kind of major junction on busier roads in urban areas and if they are designed well they can reduce delays for all road users. Our traffic modelling expertise enables us to optimise signal timings to minimise delays and address the needs of all road users including pedestrians and vulnerable road users, especially cyclists.


We pay particular attention to the safety of cyclists as two thirds of cycle accidents occur at junctions, with the most severe involving heavy goods vehicles.


We also have wide experience of installing the latest technology including infrared and microwave cycle detection equipment and introducing facilities for cyclists where appropriate.


Project Centre has designed all of the signalised junctions associated with the Exhibition Road and the South Kensington area network improvements as well as upgrading signalised junctions in preparation for the Olympic Route Network.


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