Rye Lane

Rye Lane

The London Borough of Southwark asked Project Centre to redesign Rye Lane between Hanover Park and Peckham High Street. The area is a key shopping area and well used bus corridor.


As well as road improvements, it was seen as a real opportunity to promote local businesses in the area by improving the entire street, increasing road safety and making conditions better for pedestrians and cyclists.


Southwark Council allocated £450,000 for street improvements and attracted further funding from Transport for London to create a new attractive space that would make the area better for local businesses, provide a southbound contra flow cycle track and upgrade the crossing at the junction of Rye Lane and Peckham High Street for both pedestrians and cyclists.


Project Centre’s design bears many of the hallmarks that made the Walworth Road such a success and increases the width of the pavements to give people visiting the shops far more space and makes access easier for cyclists and people with reduced mobility.


The project was completed ahead of schedule and within budget. The wider pavements allowed new trees to be planted which makes the street more attractive and provide shade during the summer.


The carriageway has been strengthened and new loading bays have been set into the footpath as has a contra flow cycle lane which has cyclist controlled crossings at each end.