Project Centre at Traffic and Parking Conference

Project Centre at Traffic and Parking Conference

It is our pleasure to be sponsoring the fantastic annual Traffic and Parking Conference. Organised by Landor LINKS and presented by parking review, this exhibition is a showcase of the most cutting-edge technology, latest legislation and modern policy. As a result of the COVID pandemic we have seen a national response of measures centred around safer and healthier streets. From emergency measures to wider pavements and cycle lanes, no scheme is too small to contribute to the overall theme of this event; greener travel.

Deputy Managing Director Ken Simmonds will be opening this event followed by Active Travel Expert Lucy Marstrand who will be the event’s keynote speaker discussing Low Traffic Neighbourhoods and Road Space.

After this opening, Associate Director Ollie Miller, GIS Consultant Avisha Martin-Patel and Senior Parking Consultant Richard Plant will be discussing and answering questions regarding new approaches to traffic and parking. A session on Clean Air will be headed by Marston Holdings Director of Environment Nick Ruxton-Boyle, our own Transport Planner Ben Stutman and John Galsworthy which is sure to be as informative as it is relevant.

Next, we have the popular Price of Parking which, in keeping with tradition will be headlined by Andrew Potter. This year, alongside Andrew, Senior Consultant George Godfrey will also be presenting. This will be about developing a cost-benefit analysis approach to parking and building on recent field research.

Senior Engagement Consultant’s Jess Cully and Natalie Cefala will be discussing Engagement and Consultation and the vital role it plays in an industry with an ever-growing need for it. Associate Director Chris Durban will focus his session on Low Traffic Neighbourhood design while Principal Consultant Olaseni Koya and Traffic Order Senior Specialist Hazel Game will tackle Traffic Orders and Mapping best practice.

Last, but certainly not least, Managing Director Keith Hanshaw will be bringing his expertise  on Regulation and Enforcement to the table.

Throughout the day there are also phenomenal speakers on ‘Remaking the kerbside and Parking’ in the pandemic as well as the speakers who we will be joining in the discussions above. This event is packed with experts and industry peers who will be virtually meeting on the 2nd December and we can’t wait to see new and old friends attend. Sign up here: