Presenting Project Centre’s New Graduates

Presenting Project Centre’s New Graduates

Now in its fifth year, our graduate programme has enticed many talented and dynamic post-grads, and we are thrilled to welcome the latest candidates. We place applicants within a diverse array of roles, such as; civil engineers, transport planners, flood safety and risk management, urban and landscape designers, traffic engineers, AutoCAD or GIS specialists, traffic order makers, traffic modellers and development planners.

There is no prior knowledge of the industry required, only the right academic background and a desire to engage with new experiences. We pride ourselves on providing an environment that promotes success and excellence, which we maintain with training and guidance for all our graduates. Within the programme, our candidates receive the opportunity to explore our gallery of departments before settling where they determine they would be most suited to grow and develop their skills.

The Magnificent Seven

This week, we welcome these gifted graduates to the fold:

• Amelia Beardall-Edmondson
Amelia studied BSc Physical Geography, completing her dissertation thesis on The Effects of Urbanisation on Flooding in London. Whilst studying, she travelled to America investigating the Four Corner States. She can be found in our Flood and Water Management Team.

• Angus Stupple
Angus recently joined Project Centre after graduating in BSc Geography. He studied at the University of Portsmouth and was also the Club Captain of their cricket team. He is now an asset to the parking department.

• Fortune Peeta
Fortune has joined us to work towards becoming a Chartered Project Engineer. At university, he worked on his dissertation, Feasibility Study of Energy Resources in Nigeria. He is currently assisting our Structures Team.

• Gregory Beckford
Gregory is an MEng Civil Engineering with Sustainability graduate. His dissertation involved using a Mach-Zehnder Interferometer to measure stress and strain in a structural member. He is now taking part in our Highways Engineering Department.

• Josef Cowley
Joe is a recent Geography graduate from the university of Southampton and is currently working in the traffic team as part of his rotation in the graduate scheme. He is currently enjoying his position in the transport planning team.

• Sarah Burbury
Sarah joined in 2018 as a Graduate Engineer after completing her human geography degree at Exeter University. She is excited to learn new skills and use everything she has learnt in her degree. She has  just joined our transport planning department.

• Georgia Miles
Georgia studied Architecture and Urban Planning at Newcastle University and has joined Project Centre as a graduate engineer, currently working within the DesignWorks team.

We are eager to see them explore their new roles and become a part of the family.