Piper Close Home Zone

Piper Close Home Zone

As part of the s106 planning agreement for the redevelopment of Arsenal’s former football stadium at Highbury, Islington Council asked us to redesign a proposed Home Zone in a new housing development.


The original design submitted by the developer had to be redesigned to meet the needs of the local community.


We consulted widely to find out what people wanted and developed an acceptable highway solution that suited the needs of all of the stakeholders and created a greater sense of place.


Home Zone principals were applied to create a space where vehicles and the pedestrians shared the same surface. By carefully placing elements and materials, an environment was created where vehicles self police their speeds as it is not clear that the space is theirs alone.


High quality green spaces were provided in line with Islington’s ‘Greening the Grey’ policy to enhance the sense of place.


Project Centre’s experienced highway engineers, using 12d ground modelling and highway design software, worked closely with Islington’s delivery team and the term contractor to agree an attractive road alignment that met all the boundary level conditions, minimised impact on services and controlled the surface run off using standard maintainable highway and drainage solutions.


Project Centre worked closely with the term contractor to provide solutions that took into account how the works were going to be constructed. Access to properties had to be maintained throughout construction.


The control of parking needed careful consideration. Whilst the layout is such that parking outside defined bays is largely self policing the Home Zone is being placed in the middle of an existing restricted zone. Our parking experts working closely with Islington and DFT are pushing the boundaries and coming up with innovative practical solutions. Bespoke signs have been agreed with the Department for Transport and match day parking restrictions accommodated.


Our landscape architects have designed the planting layout of the site ready for Islington Council’s Greenspace department to introduce.


We drew on our in house public realm, landscape architecture, highway and lighting experts to deliver this innovative new space for the local community to enjoy.