Pedestrian Crossing Audit

Pedestrian Crossing Audit

Project Centre was commissioned by Islington Council to undertake an audit of all pedestrian controlled crossings located within the London Borough of Islington, both Borough roads and roads located within the Transport for London Road Network, with the aim of the audit being to determine the number of pedestrian crossing sites that comply with the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and required as a Best Value Performance Indicator (number 165) for the Council.


The most recent DDA was introduced in 2005 and built on the preceding legislation of 1996, and aims to end prejudice against those less able. It makes it unlawful for a service provider to treat someone less favourably because of their disability.


Project Centre undertook a comprehensive audit comprising in excess of one hundred and sixty controlled crossing locations across the Borough, to determine compliance to standards for such factors as tactile paving, dropped kerbs, ramp gradient, pedestrian crossing studs, push buttons, red and green man signal, revolving cones and audible beepers.


All data was photographed and recorded onto specific site collation sheets for subsequent incorporation into schedules. Specific remedial schedules were also produced to highlight problems and maintenance issues.


The final output from the project was a comprehensive analysis report with corresponding appendices containing the crossing and remedial schedules. The remedial works schedule outlined those works required in order to achieve 100% DDA compliance for both Borough and TLRN roads.