Principal Designer

Principal Designer

Project Centre’s qualified Principal Designers are engineers as well as safety professionals providing timely, proactive, practical advice on the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015.

We fulfil the Principal Designer role on a wide range of major and minor construction projects and have the knowledge, experience and resources necessary to ensure successful, safe service delivery regardless of the size or complexity of the construction project.

We advise on safe methods of construction, identify potential risks and offer safe solutions. Our team understands its designer’s duty to take reasonable steps to provide sufficient information about all aspects of the design’s structure, its construction and maintenance needed by others to comply with their duties.

Our Principal Designers monitor design changes that affect health and safety during the construction phase and at the end of the construction phase our Principal Designers will review the information supplied in the health and safety file, communicate omissions, and collate the responses and handover the completed health and safety file to the client.



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