Highway Engineering

Contract / cost management

Cost planning and monitoring is at the core of our approach. Reliable works costs are estimated from the start, with regular reviews at agreed stages of the procurement cycle.

The goal of our experienced project and construction managers is to help our clients achieve and surpass their project delivery targets. We achieve this by involving our engineers at the start of the project cycle to give the opportunity to provide value engineering solutions from the start. This approach is further taken forward by early contractor involvement (ECI), where we develop the designs with those who have to build them to ensure a high specification without compromising delivery.

We work with and include our clients from the earliest stages of a project and provide professional advice throughout the procurement cycle. We can develop procurement strategies, prepare contract documents, select a construction partner, let a tender and supervise the performance of the contractor during construction.

Our project managers are very proficient in critical path analysis and our construction managers and senior engineers have a wealth of experience in the preparation of contract administration and tender documentation to various industry standard conditions of contracts.



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