Sustainable Transport

Electric vehicles

Britain is becoming a world leader in the production of electric cars and Boris Johnson has announced that he plans to turn London into the 'electric car capital of Europe' by creating 25,000 electric car charging points in the capital over the next five years.

Project Centre is helping to provide the infrastructure for electric vehicles. We helped local authorities introduce some of the first on-street charging points in the UK and have the expertise to help developers, car park operators and local authorities develop effective electric vehicle infrastructure strategies and provide design and engineering support.

We also make the traffic orders that provide the legal basis for electric charging points to ensure that they are used exclusively for the charging of electric vehicles and are not obstructed by other road users.

Electric vehicles have a great future in the UK as they play an important role in meeting our stringent carbon emission targets. Nissan plans to build 40,000 electric cars per year in Sunderland and BMW will soon be producing the new electric powered Mini-E in the UK. The Mayor of London has proposed that 20 per cent of all new parking spaces be equipped with electric charging points and charging points to be installed on main roads and in workplaces, retail centres, car parks and railway stations by 2015. 

Electric cars can significantly reduce greenhouse gases as they use energy far more efficiently than a standard internal combustion engine vehicle. Even if the electricity is sourced from fossil fuel power stations, the carbon and particulate emissions remain significantly less than regular cars. They also have the potential to be zero emission vehicles (ZEVs) if charged with electricity generated from renewable sources.


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