Traffic orders and professional advice

Traffic orders and professional advice

Project Centre has the largest independent traffic order team in the country which provides high quality, legally robust traffic orders for clients across the UK. We introduce accurate orders that reduce the cost of appeals and ensure parking operations can be carried out efficiently. Our fast and flexible service provides our clients with excellent value for money.

Project Centre’s traffic order makers can provide you with:

n a cost effective service ensuring your orders are clear, concise
    and enforceable
n a full advisory service tailored to your requirements
n bespoke solutions appropriate to your needs
n the benefit of our experience gained from thousands of projects

The team is at the forefront of innovation - they drafted the first traffic orders for electric car charging points and provided templates that are now used by many local authorities for the introduction of car club parking spaces.

As well as introducing controlled parking zones and match day controls, our team is expert in drafting and processing traffic orders for bus and cycle lanes, orders to impose road closures, one-way streets, no entries, banned turns and restrictions on vehicles by width, height, weight or length, temporary traffic orders, special event orders (street parties etc) as well as stopping up orders and extinguishment orders under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 and Highways Act 1980.

Reviewing and auditing your orders minimises the number of orders or restrictions that can be successfully challenged. This leads to less suspensions of revenue making bays, fewer resources required to deal with Penalty Charge Notice challenges and less political and media fallout from errors.

Our traffic order team has the experience to review and check orders and advise on changes to ensure compliance. We have also assisted boroughs comply with their duties under the Traffic Management Act 2004, making sure that all the necessary changes for effective enforcement were achieved.









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