Signs and lines design / audits

As well as introducing complete controlled parking zones, Project Centre's parking teams introduce smaller 'signing and lining' schemes to improve safety and manage parking around specific areas with high parking demand such as near schools, hospitals, stations, sports venues and shopping centres. We make sure that all signs and road markings are enforceable and prepare new traffic orders if required. We regularly liaise with the DfT to have new signs approved where necessary.

Parking Audits
A large part of our parking work involves working within or auditing processes set out in legal or industry guidelines. This includes providing traffic order services, parking operation compliance auditing, best value checks and a range of transportation related services (road safety audits, peer design reviews, technical checks and CDM amongst others).

Traffic Order Auditing
Project Centre regularly deploys auditors on site to compare the actual signs and road markings with their associated traffic orders. We provide our clients with details of non-compliant assets and give suggestions on how to remedy the situation to ensure continuity. Another aspect of this service is to check that the signs and lines are compliant with the TSRGD, in good order, and fit for purpose.



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