Traffic Engineering

Street inventory audits

Project Centre carry out thorough street inventory audits to make sure that streets are safe, accessible and enforceable. We also undertake streetscene audits which help reduce street clutter and underpin highways improvements which make streets more attractive and economically successful.

As well as having a team of fully qualified road safety auditors, we undertake accessibility audits to ensure that streets, crossings and bus stops are DDA compliant. We also check signs and street markings against to ensure their compliance with associated traffic orders and signing regulations.

We have also undertaken CCTV audits to make sure that cameras are placed in the most suitable locations and that signage and traffic orders are robust in order to enforce moving traffic offences under the Traffic Management Act, 2004.

From our audits, we can prepare a comprehensive set of schedules and drawings which map any issues identified so that they can be easily remedied by contractors. These can be easily transferred to Parkmap software so traffic orders can be amended, if necessary. 


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