Traffic Engineering

Speed limit reviews and traffic calming

Around 1,000 people are killed and 6,000 are seriously injured every year on Britain’s roads because people drive too fast for the road conditions. Setting appropriate speed limits and designing methods to slow traffic are the most important factors in improving road safety for all road users.

Project Centre has experienced road safety specialists and highways engineers who review speed limits and use a variety of methods to reduce vehicle speeds in both urban and rural settings.

We are working on London’s first borough-wide 20mph limit and have introduced a variety of successful traffic engineering techniques to slow traffic in urban areas. In London, 20mph zones have reduced casualties by 40%.

We are also helping county councils improve safety and reduce speeds on rural roads where the numbers of fatal and serious accidents has not reduced at the same rate as they have on urban roads. Almost two thirds of road deaths occur in the UK and 38% of deaths occur on rural single carriageway ‘A’ roads. We have surveyed entire routes across counties and introduced traffic calming measures at the entrance to villages and dangerous junctions.  


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