Traffic Engineering


Cycling is becoming more popular as well as playing an important role in local authorities’ sustainable transport strategy by reducing traffic congestion and cutting carbon emissions. Project Centre has a wealth of experience in improving facilities for cyclists with dedicated teams that help introduce schemes from inception through to completion. 

We have a highly experienced cycle team who help local authorities and government agencies write cycle strategies and green travel plans, CRISP studies and safety audits. We have introduced improvements to the local road network to help cyclists and help meet the aims of travel plans especially where local councils are seeking ways of reducing traffic on the school run.

Our engineers can look at the provision of cycle routes running over many miles and can assist highway authorities in providing ‘cyclist friendly’ measures to help reduce dependency of the motor car and improve people’s health.

Cycle priority is a vital component in the creation of a sustainable transport system which can be used by people of all ages both on and off the public highway. The Government has strongly advocated cycling as a way of both reducing congestion and maintaining the nation’s health and fitness. 


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