Transport Planning

Transport assessments

Transport assessments are an important part of the planning process for new developments. The DfT’s Guidance on Transport Assessments places high emphasis on the sustainability of new developments and highlights the need for sustainable transport measures through the promotion of travel plans that often accompany transport assessments. 

Transport assessments identify how people will travel to new developments and what effect this will have on the surrounding transport infrastructure, including highway capacity, walking, cycling and public transport. These assessments determine whether the impact of developments on transport are acceptable.

Project Centre’s transport planning professionals have in depth knowledge of the planning process and have secured planning permission for numerous industrial, residential and mixed use developments throughout the UK. 

We can integrate professionals from any of our specialisms into project teams to respond to the complexities of our clients’ commissions. These skills include transport planning, landscape architecture, highway design and street lighting which enable us to provide expert advice throughout all phases of project development, from concept through to construction.



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