Effective public consultation provides the facts for appropriate decision making. Project Centre recognise the importance of public consultation and the acceptance of projects and schemes by the wider community.

Project Centre has its own in house communications team which includes consultation specialists and graphic designers who can formulate consultation strategies appropriate for our clients and can carry out the complete communication and consultation process from start to finish.

We can develop and deliver a communication plan covering all stages of the project ensuring key objectives are delivered and risks are managed. Our consultation experts have managed consultations on sensitive issues such as the building of new sports stadiums, parking schemes as well as home zones car clubs and event day parking schemes.

We have managed statutory and informal consultations for a number of local authorities from start to finish. We plan consultations, produce top quality maps and materials and take care of printing, mailing, advertising, handle telephone enquiries and correspondence and collate and report the results.

Our experienced communications team can prepare committee reports and presentations, help you prepare press releases, manage media enquiries and help with website design.



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