Parking zones and matchday controls

As well as having a wealth of technical expertise, Project Centre’s parking team understands the political, economic and social issues involved in on-street parking and can help at every stage of parking projects including running public consultations and making traffic orders.

We have built up considerable expertise in some of the most complex areas of on-street parking management such as event day parking schemes, managing parking pressure near hospitals, near major transport interchanges and on private estates.

Our parking team has managed consultations for parking and access arrangements around football stadiums and introduced and reviewed match day parking controls to minimise disruption for residents. We have gained DfT approval for match day parking signage and written robust traffic orders that protect residential streets from the severe parking disruption caused by major events.

Project Centre develops sustainable and sympathetic designs for all its on-street parking schemes and has been commissioned to produce on-street parking designs for many local authorities including Watford, Windsor and Maidenhead, Southend on Sea, Edinburgh, and the London Boroughs of Southwark, Lambeth, Hackney, Islington, Ealing and Waltham Forest.



Christian Constantinides
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  • Match day and event parking
  • Introduction of controlled parking zones
  • CPZ design and review
  • CPE assessment (preparation and review)
  • Parking, waiting and loading audits
  • Parking surveys
  • Consultation design and management
  • Car clubs (design, consultation and introduction)
  • Parking policy and strategy
  • Parking communications and public
  • Working with businesses and communities