Traffic Technology

Junction and network modelling

Our traffic technology team produce accurate models of how proposed changes to road junctions and networks will affect traffic and pedestrian flows. The team uses all of the major modelling software suites currently used in the UK and the accuracy of their modelling has been verified by subsequent traffic surveys.

Our modelling team have wide experience in the use of PTV VISSIM and VISUM modelling suites and have used them to support major traffic improvement schemes for congested networks. Examples include the Exhibition Road scheme, the Walworth Road project, Sloane Square and more recently the Finsbury Park Station area and Clapham Gateway.

Our design team has recently prepared Linsig 2 and 3 models to the stringent TfL modelling guidelines for over 100 junctions within the greater London area in order to maximise junction efficiency for all road users. We have also prepared network models in Linsig for  major developments in the south east of England including the Green Man Lanes development in Ealing and the Preston area for Reigate and Banstead Borough Council.

Using Picady and Arcady software, our modelling specialists support our designs of priority junctions and roundabouts. We have combined some of these models into network models to support major transport assessments for private and public sector clients. 

Our team has wide experience in the use of Transyt / Traned network modelling software. Recent schemes have been prepared and validated according to the TfL model auditing process (TMAP), the most demanding transport auditing process in the UK. Recent examples include several separate Transyt models to support the Exhibition Road scheme in combination with the South Kensington traffic management scheme. We have also prepared several models in support of junction improvements in Kensington and Chelsea.




Tim Mantle
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  • Priority junction  / roundabout modelling in Picady / Arcady
  • Junction modelling in Linsig 2 & 3
  • Minor network modelling
    in Linsig 3
  • Major network modelling in Transyt / Traned
  • Wide area congested network modelling
    in VISSIM
  • Dynamic assignment large network modelling in VISUM