Green travel

Green travel

Project Centre actively promotes sustainable travel and helps local authorities and developers produce green travel plans, introduce car clubs and design cycling, walking and bus priority measures that make it easier for people to leave their car at home.

Our travel planners and engineers provide practical and innovative ways to make cycling and walking safer, reduce delays to buses and make sure that public transport is better integrated.

For developers, green travel now forms an integral part of planning applications. The breadth of Project Centre’s experience helping both developers and local authorities enables us to create green travel plans that are readily signed-off by local authority planning departments.


Project Centre has won major awards for improving the walking environment and has made streets safer and more accessible for pedestrians throughout the UK. We help developers with their shopping and mixed use developments as well as local authorities improve pedestrian safety and the appearance of their streets.

Last year, Project Centre’s designs won the Living Streets Award and the Walking and Public Realm Award at the London Transport Awards.

We have undertaken borough-wide cycle permeability schemes which examine existing cycle routes to determine bottlenecks and safety issues for cyclists. Very often small engineering improvements can have a big impact on cycling. For example the introduction of a new Toucan junction near a school can increase the number of children who cycle as parents recognise that their children can cycle safely.

Bus priority
Using public transport is far more environmentally friendly than driving and Project Centre has been at the forefront of improving bus patronage and minimising delays to buses. We have also been instrumental in showing that replacing bus lanes with bus gates can free up road space for pedestrians while not delaying buses.

Our award winning design for the Walworth Road, doubled pavement widths by removing two bus lanes on Walworth Road after our traffic modellers showed TfL and bus operators that halving the carriageway width by replacing bus lanes with bus gates would not delay buses. 


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