Cycle hire and cycle parking

Cycle hire and cycle parking

London Cycle Hire Scheme 

The Mayor of London's ambition to make London a ‘city of cyclists’ includes an ambitious cycle hire scheme that has made 6,000 bikes available for hire at over 400 docking stations across central London. They are located every 300 metres across the capital so everyone in Central London is just a short walk from a cycle hire station.

Project Centre was commissioned by Serco, the operators of the scheme, to provide a dedicated team of engineers who developed detailed designs, traffic management plans and technical reports for each site for approval by the local authority and Transport for London.

The team assessed all of the 400 proposed docking station sites including the location of statutory undertakers’ equipment and drainage and evaluated any road safety issues with their location. This included any necessary highway works such as kerb build-outs and protective islands. We supervised the construction of the docking stations and produced as built drawings and site records for asset management purposes. 

Our traffic order makers advised Transport for London produce a template traffic order and helped London boroughs draft the necessary traffic orders so that the first phase of the scheme could be unveiled on time. The scheme has been a major succes with 40,000 members joining in the first six week.

Cycle schemes

Demand for cycle parking is increasing, especially in London where the number of cycle journeys has increased by 70 per cent in the past six years to 450,000 a day. However, cycle theft is still a major obstacle to people taking up cycling. According to latest figures from the Home Office, cycle theft in England and Wales rose 7% during the three months to September 2009, with 34,600 bikes reported stolen during that period, equivalent to more than 10,000 a month.

Only 18% of bicycle thefts in England and Wales are from on the street - the rest are from garages and gardens. The most common places other than home to have your bike stolen are on a university campus or at a railway station. Project Centre work closely with local authorities and the police to make sure that secure cycle parking is located where it is most needed to help reduce theft and increase the number of journeys by bike.

We have also recently helped a central London local authority develop secure on-street cycle parking pods. When the pilot scheme is implemented it will provide residents with a convenient and safe place to park their bikes.


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