Sustainable Transport

Car clubs

Project Centre is at the forefront of the growth of car clubs and has helped introduce over a quarter of the car club bays in the UK. Car clubs have become a popular alternative to owning a vehicle and their membership is doubling annually.

We provide a comprehensive service for developers and local authorities and find suitable locations for car club bays, plan and manage consultations, produce detailed designs and make the traffic orders for their introduction onto the street.

From this experience, we have built up considerable expertise. We have a very high success rate when consulting residents on the introduction of car club bays and can introduce on-street car club bays in less than four months. This includes bay location, public consultation, statutory consultation and the making of the necessary traffic orders.

Car clubs are good for the environment as they reduce the number of cars parked on the street, reduce traffic in residential streets, and reduce greenhouse gases which cause global warming. 

Project Centre and Islington Council won the environment award at this year’s British Parking Awards for our collaborative work which has made Islington’s car club the largest in the UK with 10,000 members. Last year, Islington experienced its first ever drop in on-street parking permits and have made a significant reduction in the carbon emissions from private motorists.


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