Traffic Engineering

Event day management

Events such as football matches and music concerts can cause major disruption for local residents and businesses, especially if traffic and parking are not carefully managed.

When tens of thousands of visitors arrive at a venue in a short space of time, it is inevitable that the local transport network will face severe pressures, but by working closely with the police, stadium managers, local councillors and key stakeholders our team can ensure that match days are safe for visitors and cause the least inconvenience to residents and businesses.

Project Centre has built up a very experienced team who have designed and managed large public consultations and helped plan match day traffic management and parking schemes for 60,000 seat football and rugby stadia. We have also introduced traffic engineering measures and match day parking schemes to make match days run smoothly.

We can help at every stage of introducing event day traffic management and parking schemes and have wide experience of introducing effective and flexible match day traffic arrangements that allow access for the police and emergency services, prioritise residents and deter football fans and visitors arriving in private cars.



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