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3D visualisation

Our 3D modellers create lifelike visualisations and animations to show exactly what the completed project will look like. Using traffic data, they can animate traffic and pedestrian flows so people can see the effect that changes to the highway design will have.

Project Centre’s 3D modellers have produced high quality animations showing how Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 5 car park would operate, have animated traffic flows through Exhibition Road and produced lifelike representations to show pedestrian flows crossing new junction designs.

3d visualisations play an invaluable role during the consultation stage of projects by giving accurate and easily understood images and animations of what developments will look like or how new street layouts will work.

Animations of predicted traffic flows were cited as being the most powerful tool in persuading key stakeholders that the removal of bus lanes on the Walworth Road would not delay buses. The replacement of bus lanes with bus gates allowed us to transform the street by doubling the width of pavements and creating a vibrant town centre that was safer and more attractive to shop in.

Using 3d visualisations during the design stage can reduce both the time and cost of a project as it prevents the need for changes at a later stage when alterations are more expensive.






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