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Project Centre’s has a proven track record on lighting design and was chosen as the lead lighting designer for the multi-million pound redesign of Exhibition Road in Kensington.

We design lighting schemes which maximise photometric performance and minimise light pollution. We can halve the carbon footprint of existing lighting designs by focussing light where it is needed and using the latest energy efficient technologies.

Our street, decorative and architectural lighting designs demonstrate how we create distinctive, attractive places while also addressing the requirements for functional street lighting, illuminating pavements and public spaces in order to deter crime and the fear of crime and encouraging the economic potential of an area.

Project Centre was the first consultant to mount pedestrian crossing signals on lamp columns. This simple innovation improves road safety by increasing luminance at pedestrian crossings, reduces street clutter and cost. Our lighting designs take account their location so that they compliment rather than collide with local architecture and features.

We take lighting schemes from start to finish by preparing feasibility and accident analysis reports, DMRB contract documents, lighting and electrical designs through to on-street site supervision and the preparation of maintenance schedules.






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