Public Realm

Urban design

Project Centre’s role as one of the UK’s leading urban designers is recognised by leading designers and architects such as Lord Rogers, by our clients and by the people that use them every day.

Our integrated design approach is shown to its best effect in our urban designs. We are able to offer visionary designs that are supported by practical engineering knowledge and design expertise to ensure that our designs can be implemented economically and work for all of the people that use them. We can call upon a wealth of in-house expertise in areas such as traffic modelling, 3D visualisation, transport planning, highways design and landscape architecture to inform our designs, if required.

We can also help run effective consultations and transport modellers who can analyse residents and businesses needs, pedestrians’ desire lines and traffic permeability to make sure that our designs work for all of the community of users.

The results are award winning streetscapes and open spaces that are innovative and attractive as well as practical and cost effective. Last year, our work on the Walworth Project in Southwark won the road safety award at the National Transport awards, a walking and public realm award and the Living Streets Award at the British Parking Awards. We have previously won international recognition for our designs for some of the UK’s most prestigious locations.





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