Landscape architecture

Landscape architecture

Project Centre is a registered landscape architecture practice and offers a complete range of services from landscape design and specification to site supervision and environmental impact assessments.

Our landscape architects have a contemporary vision that focuses on the creation of places that are appropriate for their surroundings and use. This includes helping to integrate new developments into the existing landscape; the creation of parks and play spaces; designing landscapes that encourage social interaction; or designing calm places for people to reflect, such as memorial gardens.

Our designs include the parks and open spaces including the Diana Memorial Gardens, town centre schemes at Carmarthen and Witney in Oxfordshire and landscaping to screen large DIY superstores.

We have also designed many urban ‘pocket parks’ which can greatly enhance a local neighbourhood by transforming rundown areas that attract fly tipping and vandalism into places that are loved and used by local residents.

With their wealth of knowledge about tree and plant varieties, our landscape architects can help choose the right planting regime for the space. We have worked with manufacturers to develop new tree pits for street trees that cause less obstruction of underground services and are expert in selecting and planting appropriate street trees for their environment.






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