Traffic Technology

Traffic Technology

Our traffic technology team combine traffic modelling, signal design and programming skills so that we can offer a complete design service whether working on individual junction improvements or a major area-wide project.

The team is extensively involved in the Exhibition Road project, modelling traffic flows in south Kensington, designing signals and setting their timings to optimise traffic flows for all road users. They are also busy working on many smaller schemes that improve safety and manage traffic for both private and public sector clients.

We are particularly experienced in TfL Streets and Directorate of Traffic Operations design specifications and installation standards and are project managing long-term improvement schemes on behalf of TfL.

Our traffic technology skills and expertise informs our designs which produce award winning streetscapes that work well for all road users. For example, on a recent project, our traffic modellers presented 3D animations of traffic flows that persuaded influential stakeholders that the removal of the bus lanes would not delay buses. Subsequent traffic surveys have validated our traffic modelling and shown that buses have not been delayed and bus patronage has increased.

Our experienced traffic signal designers, modellers and project managers deliver schemes within time and budget and, above all, to the highest standards.




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