Sustainable Transport

Sustainable Transport

Project Centre is at the cutting edge of introducing practical, sustainable transport solutions in the UK. We helped introduce over a quarter of the car club parking spaces in the UK and produced detailed designs for over 400 cycle stations for London’s new cycle hire scheme.

Car clubs

We have helped introduce more car club bays than anyone else in the UK and offer developers and local authorities a complete service from bay identification and running public consultations through to making the traffic orders and supervising street works.

We helped Islington Council expand their car club to keep pace with demand as car club membership has been doubling annually. With over 10,000 car club members in Islington, there is one car club member for every four resident permit holders in the borough and Islington now has the highest per-capita car club membership in Europe.

We recently won a major award with Islington Council by showing that car clubs are one of the most cost effective ways of cutting carbon emissions.

Barclay's Cycle Hire Scheme

Project Centre played a vital role in assisting Serco by designing substructures and providing engineering drawings for the construction of over 650 cycle hire stations across central London. The new cycle hire scheme was introduced on time and 80,000 people have signed up in the first six weeks and they have already made more than 500,000 journeys between them.

Electric Charging Points

We are helping local authorities introduce on-street charging points for electric cars. We have written experimental traffic orders for pilot projects to test their suitability and can identify suitable locations for local authorities and private developers.



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